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The Pianist's Guide to Scale Mastery

Out Now!

Scales and arpeggios can often be the biggest cause of frustration and boredom for even the most accomplished pianist. Lewis Kesterton's new book 'The Pianist’s Guide to Scale Mastery' will equip pianists of all ages and abilities with a variety of creative ways to think about, practise and shape scales, taking away the monotony of mindless repetition and yielding exciting, transferrable results.

In this innovative publication, Lewis brings together easy-to-understand theoretical explanations, thoughts about the relevance of scale learning in relation to the extensive piano repertoire, a wide variety of practise techniques with scannable QR codes linking to demonstration videos and a comprehensive anthology of scales, some of which may even be new to professional pianists!

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Front Cover.png

Front Cover.png

Practising Scales in Similar Motion

Practising Scales in Similar Motion

Pentatonic Scales

Pentatonic Scales

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